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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
You write about so much great ideas and possibilities but believe us, we are doing this since years now.
There are reasons why it does not work, just accept this. There could be several other ways but I'm not going to step in this direction. Libraries are not to be included into addons or you could even put the whole lib code into your addon.
While I have not been deploying addons to the public "since years", I've been writing them for two years, and have written addons for other games in the past, not to mention writing libraries, standards, and innumerable best practice documents. I've seen these kinds of arguments before, and whenever anyone says "just accept this", it usually means they've stopped thinking about solutions and are simply being stubborn for the sake of stubborness.

If there are reasons why a solution "doesn't work", *say* them - don't hand wave them away. Are you saying it's impossible to update the versions of the libraries? That was the simple solution I suggested first.

Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
There is a solution and if this solution is "enable a small checkbox", then do it please.
That's a solution for a small number of users. Please go ahead and put that in bold in top of your addon descriptions and see how many follow your instructions. You're basically bypassing ZOS API version mechanism entirely, so you should tell people that's your choice. Me, I won't do it, and I know plenty of others who won't do that either. I'm NOT requesting you change this, mind you - I'm simply saying you are limiting your target user base and probably relegating your addons to obscurity.

Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
Or you won't go this easy way and will fix the addons locally to your needs using included libraries, and do it over and over again each time we need to update the addons. This way you'll be able to use them "the way you like them".
Maybe you'll get the point about the time consumed to update the addons each time this way...
No, why would I do that? I'll simply seek out addons which work instead. Or write my own.

Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
We just want to have time "to play" as well. So please, would you simply accept it finally?
Or talk to and convince Zos to provide another way to "protect you from non working addons".
Honestly, I would much rather ZOS remove that checkbox entirely and force addons to not load unless they are up to date. There's a reason they have the API Version field in the addons, and your approach effectively says you know better than ZOS how to interact with their game. But hey, you go on doing things the wrong way -- maybe I'm wrong about how other people will react to it.
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