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Steam user having issues with minion


I'm super frustrated, and would really like to get minion going. I appreciate your time answering my question.

I'm a steam user. I've been trying to get minion to work. The minion first started up initially, but the add ons didn't work. I began to play with the directory with some help from my ig friends. Nothing happened, no addons for like 3-4 days, then out of the blue without me doing anything some of the addons started to work.

For a few weeks I dealt with some addons working and some not. I did select from both in game and out of game to use addons that are out of date.

Then came the recent patch and none of the addons but just 1 is working. When I log into minion, I select ESO when prompted, I select Docs/ESO Online/Live/Addons, and when I hit enter, I get the ESO/Wow selection window all over again. i hit the plus sign in the upper left corner and nothing. I select ESO again, and select the addons window as I mentioned above , and the vicious cycle continues with another ESO/Wow window prompt.

I've read above about posting xml, however, I have no way of getting my xml. I have windows 10, I've tried looking for C/User/Minion and I can't find where to do so. I've been able to access explorer, but I don't get far back to C/Users. I'm stuck in my user.

Thank you
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