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I unstalled my addons again, and noticed there was a check mark I could put next to another file that seemed to save variables. So, I uninstalled the addons and check that part, hoping that would eliminate every trace of each addon.

Next, the instruction state that you either embed the addons in the file, or put them separately as an addon. But if you list them separately, you must add a dependency statement in the Addon Manifest. So, my question is (I never had to do this before, so I'm a noob with this problem) where is the Addon Manifest. Is there a Addon Manifest for each addon? Or a separate one for each addon? Note that I have on addon that in it's text description lists 5 files I would need to add as a dependency (4 are lib files, one is CostumCompassPin file (not Lib), and there's a discussion about this in another part of the forum).
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