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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
Backup sometimes got problems.
Dunno why.

I'm just copying the total .Minion folder and the AddOns + SavedVariables folders (which you can find by searching for the file "AddOnSettings.txt" -> Should be the same folder as .minion but then in the subfolder Elder Scrolls Online) to an USB drive or into a cloud account and restore it from there if I switch computers.

btw Minion backup is NOT backing up your addons in total but just create a zip file with some information which were installed + maybe the SavedVariables. So you would need to restore the backup and check if the addons restored need to be downloaded on the other computer via Minion then (maybe Minion does this automatically, not sure).
Yeah, I was pretty sure it was just backing up my addons by name and hopefully preferences, but it doesn't seem to work at all, in any way. I guess I'll just try saving every folder and moving them over. Thanks.
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