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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
Someone gave me a hint:
Minion seems to backup the files into the following folder:
C:\Users\your windows username\.minion\minion-backups\ESO-1 (where ESO-1 is the Minion "game" of ESO, e.g. ESO-1 = live, ESO-2 = PTS)

But it tries to restore them from:
C:\Users\your windows username\.minion\ESO-1

So if you maybe copy the folder ESO-1 (or whatever your foldername is there starting with ESO) 1 folder upwards from minion-backups to .minion before trying to restore it, it may work.

Not tested yet.
I just tested this and it seems to be working.
You will need to have the ESO-1 folder duplicated with your backup on both folder locations you provided.
It needs to be on the minion-backups folder for it to be shown on the Minion UI so you can click the restore button and,
it needs to be on the .minion folder so that Minion can do what needs to be done and restore your backup.

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