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The log doesn't show any obvious errors, but after some digging I found out that the version of controlsfx used by minion does not include the font file and instead loads it via the internet (later fixed by this commit). It's getting blocked by your antivirus, firewall, proxy or some other program.
If you do not know how to update the configuration of those programs to allow it again, the easiest fix is to replace the controlsfx version with one that embeds the font.

Steps to do that:
1) Go to the folder where Minion is installed and locate controlsfx-8.40.11.jar in app/lib.
2) Move or delete that file
3) Download controlsfx-8.40.13.jar from here.
4) Important: Rename it to controlsfx-8.40.11.jar (since that's the name Minion is expecting)
5) Move it to the app/lib folder

With that it should show the icons again. I haven't tested if updating the controlsfx version causes any other issues, but at least Minion was loading fine for me.
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