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Originally Posted by Sarmisegetusa View Post
The idea of Minion is good and supposed to be a great aplication, but due to it s errors for so many ppl kinda makes it poorly written and lack of knowledge from it s creator. Hopefuly in the future we ll see a better version of it.
Sad to read. You did not even proof what you trid and what you did before writing such a post?
Where is your Minion.log and xml file? Where is the info about what you tried and installed, where you have installed Minion, what you did wih your Antivirus and other software?
Where is the info you have read AND tried the troubleshooting guide?

You should remove this non-sense post and rethik what you are writing as it is simply not true.

You guys spread hate about a software you are able to use without paying for it, that creators create in their free time.
I bet they know way more than you think but just got a normal job and life to live! And there are about 1000000 combinations of software problems out there the creators of this software simply are not able to fix from their side. How should they know what your PC software and patch levels look like?

Your post is neither helping and it is only demovtivating them even more if they get such an unbelievable feedback just because you are not able to handle the errors on your side properly
But it's easy to say "the others", right...
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