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On DailyAutoShare, I've had some headache with quests and quest names. I agree that it would be awesome, and much easier, to just deal with quest IDs instead of having to localise all the quest names.

My use case:
DAS holds a list of dailies in a zone. That list is right now hardcoded via internal quest name codes that get resolved via localisation files.
It would make my life far easier if I could simply match on quest IDs instead.

Functions I'd like for that:
Lua Code:
  1. -- returns unique quest ID from a journal quest index
  2. GetJournalQuestId(journalQuestId)
  4. -- returns unique quest ID from quest name (part)
  5. GetQuestId(questName) or even GetQuestId(questNamePart)
  7. -- returns the quest name from a quest ID, defaults to client language
  8. GetQuestName(questId, language)

I would also love it if the quest IDs would be part of the EVENT_QUEST_... anything, which right now just features the journalIndex.

As far as
Lua Code:
  1. param1, ..., param999 = GetQuestInfo(questId)
is concerned, that's probably easier internally than more specific API calls that return just one or two parameters? Whatever's easier on the API, I'd hate to run into any run-time performance issues.

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