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Addons don't show ingame

I found 3 folders there for my 3 addons, thank you.

However, they don't show up in-game when you click on the add-on menu on the left side of the screen.

And, concurrently, the commands to activate/change settings for the addons don't work, either, probably because the addons are not loaded.

I don't remember what settings were used when I downloaded the addons, but I don't remember seeing anything about that folder where they are located (could be wrong).

Along with that, couple of questions:
I downloaded and installed the addon manager, then used the manager to install the 3 addons I want.
After the manager finished installing, I didn't get the standard option of having shortcuts installed on my desktop. It launched itself successfully, but when I exited, no way to get back into it. Also, at the end it showed a somewhat smaller screen that my 3 addons were installed, but again no shortcut, and when I left that screen, again, nothing.

So, today, I reinstalled the manager, downloaded the 3 addons again, with the same results (thinking I did something wrong the first time)

Are the addons installed in the correct folder/directory (don't think so since they don't show up ingame).
If not, where do I copy/moved them to?

If someone could help to fix this, I would really appreciate that.

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