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TextureIt - Translations FR, RU, JP, IT, etc.

Hi there,

I currently search for translations into the languages French, Russian, Japanese, Italian and others.

Please make the texts as short as possible as they must fit on some buttons.
Here is a screenshot to show you what length you got max (everything is marked YELLOW that needs a translation):

These texts need translaitions
local strings = {
	TEXTUREIT_PATH_WILL_BE_PLACED_HERE 		= "Click to search / Selected texture path will be placed here",
	TEXTUREIT_PATH_WILL_BE_PLACED_HERE_TT   = "When you select a texture its path will be placed here & automatically selected, you can then press cntrl+c to copy.\n"..colorRed.."You must press cntrl+c before any other actions or the window will loose focus.\n"..colorTeal.."You can double click the box to reselect it at any time for copying.\n"..colorYellow.."Manually enter a texture path to display it in the window.\n"..colorDrkOrange.."Enter a string to search for "..colorRed.."(a maximum of 250 texture matches will be displayed, do NOT include texture paths)."
	TEXTUREIT_SHOW_ALL 						= "Show All",
	TEXTUREIT_ACTUAL_DIMENSIONS 			= "Actual texture dimensions: ",
	TEXTUREIT_CURRENT_DIMENSIONS 			= "Current texture dimensions: ",
	TEXTUREIT_TOGGLE_ACTUAL_SIZE			= "Toggle actual size",
	TEXTUREIT_TOGGLE_BACKDROP 				= "Toggle backdrop",
	TEXTUREIT_ANIMATE_WIDTH					= "Cells width",
	TEXTUREIT_ANIMATE_HEIGHT 				= "Cells height",
	TEXTUREIT_ANIMATE_FPS 					= "Framerate",
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