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Originally Posted by lonemonkey View Post
The other person deserves no acknowledgement.
Glad it helped and it works for you but writing such sentences will make me stop helping you if you really mean it that way!
Sorry to say, this sucks and is disrespectfull and wrong.

He tried to help, no matter what the results were. Writing such words will just make everyone stop to even try to help.
It's not about any competition nor any reward and bonus points here! It's the community helping each other, for free, without any payment ot whatever recognition.

I also do not want to be called "master addon maker" or similar. I'm just an addon dev, but also a simple user. And a normal human with feelings like "the other guy" as well!
There is no difference between you the other guy who tried to help, or me.
We are all equal here, maybe only at different experience levels related to addon and development.
But this got nothing to do with the answers nor how to speak or handle us a human beeings please.

Thanks for your understanding.

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