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Yes it is. Read the description of my addons and you may understand why I'm doing this.
And what is the problem about "out of date addons"? They WORK! They are just compared to a number ingame and if the number differs its called "out of date" but it is not!
So just check this f***ing chekcbox ingame and don't even think about it anymore until a REAL lua error appears ingame due to an addon "not working anymore", and not because a number comparison tells you out of date.

Out of date: Apiversion ingame 100025. Api version in addon's txt file: 100024 -> Out of date -> Addons till works totally fine if you enable the echekbox
So even an addon with api 100011, like some libraries got, are able to work 10% successfully and correct.
This out of date is just an idea of ZOs to tell you users hat something could need an update. But you all get it toally wrong and bother us since years now...
Read my addon descriptions and you'll se what time we need to invest just to fix this out of date stuff where it does not need to be fixed at all.
Change your txt file locally and you are fine, if you do not want to enable out of date addons.

Addon not working: Got nothing to do with out of date or not. if the game code changes and the addon doesn't where it needs to, you'll get an lua error message and the addons tops to work.

There are several posts, threads and whatever about this out of date stuff. read it, understand the mechanics please. If you do not want to, or already have and do not understand it, you'll have to accept my decision and that this out of date crap is just nothing which prevents addons from working.

We are not going to invest more of our free time to just make "your" game experience as easy and less time consuming as it can be. The addons were made for ourselves and you are free to use thm or even not. Your decision.
But it is my game time, my money I invest. You need to accept this in the end or start learning to code and update the adodns to your needs, including this api version raise in the txt file each time, where it is not needed at all, as you could simply chekc the checbox ingame and you are set within 1 second!

Forgive my rage about this but you are not the first and not the last one starting to fight my decision. You may do this because you do not understand the mechanics. This is why I tried to explain it, again, ... But you have to live with it so you better start to understand and fix stuff YOU want to have by your own in the end. Or simply click this checkbox ingame and just reclick it after each major patch, and everything will work just fine.
If you are using Minion your addons will be updated properly, so I do not even understand what is your problem here?

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