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Originally Posted by Kyoma View Post
It's funny tho, often enough these out-of-date addons that are producing errors are actually due to a library that needs to be updated for all of them.
Does that really happen often in practice? Isn't that why we have LibStub - so the most recent version of the library encountered is the actually used one? Or are you suggesting the bugs are because an older version is then overloaded with a newer version? I don't doubt that a poorly designed library upgrade could cause some problems like that, but I would expect that to be a very rare case in practice.

Perhaps some compromise solution could be developed here: include all the common libraries which are stable and rarely need updates in all addons which need them, and then if there are particularly unusual libraries which get updated often, require only *those* libraries to be manually downloaded as standalone addons. Perhaps those types of libraries shouldn't even be designated as "libraries" -- just say that Addon X simply depends on Addon Y. (There are a number of these cases already...)
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