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Addon removed from sitewide directories while updates pend approval

I don't at all mind the approval process taking some time (ESOUI guys have to sleep, too ) - but I'm running into a couple issues that are particularly aggravating during the update approval process. Typically, updates are approved in minutes - but there are times when my updates pend for several hours (e.g. early hours of the morning EST), during which I encounter the following:

1) While pending approval, my addon(s) is completely removed from sitewide directories (such as 'Latest 200', browsing categories, etc). For example, Joker is in the Misc category - it no longer shows up under Misc while an update is pending approval. Direct links to the addon still work, and directly searching for the addon works - but otherwise, there's no way for new potential users to find my addon(s).

2) Post-update changes to the addon page go live immediately, even before the update is approved. This is painful because not only is it difficult for users to find the addon page while an update is pending approval, but when they do, the information they see is inaccurate for the version they can currently access. For example, if I add a new feature in my update and I appropriately change my documentation to reflect the new functionality, new (or returning) users are seeing features listed that don't exist. They might attempt to use these commands ingame (some people might even download for the first time because a specific command is listed as available), and may get frustrated that it doesn't work - potentially leading to uninstall and an indefinitely lost user.


Often, updates are approved within minutes - but even so, we never know when a new (or existing) user is going to be on the site browsing or looking for a solution that our addon(s) can provide for them. Worse, the updates between addon pages and the addon files themselves aren't in sync, which creates opportunities for the spread of misinformation to the end-user, potentially resulting in a negative experience (and ultimately an uninstall).

In my mind, the optimal approach to all of this would be to stage the pending update and the addon description changes until the addon is approved. Once the update is approved, the description changes would go live at the same time the new update does. This prevents all of the above issues, while also giving ESOUI the potential (depending on how you setup your staging process) to allow developers to see a list of all of their past updates and revert to previous (both the description and the version) in case of a bad (or intercepted/malicious) update.

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