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Same Problem


I got the same problem, so i don't create a new topic for this.
"Minion is unable to connect to the Internet. Please check your firewall, security, and proxy settings."
That's the message i got after opening Minion.
I don't know if it's nessasary but i also got an error during the installation with the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redisputable. It told me i got a newer version of it even after deleting my version before installing.

BTT: I disabled my Firewalls, the one from ESET and also the one from my router. After it didn't work i disabled every security i got on my pc. Deinstalled Minion and Re-Installed it, surely with Admin-rights. The problem maintains. I'm really clueless what blocks Minions' Connection.
I hope someone can tell me, and how to solve it too.


Attached is the minion0.txt file and here is the xml

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