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When using the build in saved var function, the SavedVar file is ordered as following:
At the top/root you got a global variable*. It is the same name you gave in your manifest. Chances are that you could jsut directly read/write to this variable.
If you use the default System, there is a table below the global. The first seperation is done by ESO accounts/login name.
The next level is seperated between "Account Wide" and "Character Wide".
For the acount wide section, the data just ordered by namespaces.
The Character wide are first seperated by character name, then by namespaces.

If you leave parameters blank some tiers might not appear. If you don't give a namespace (for example) there won't be a namespace tier.

*It never occured to me before that this is just a global variable that get's dumped/read as whole during unload/UI load.
If so accesing it directly might indeed be an option.
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