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Originally Posted by Sparkly Unicorn View Post
Check out my build video for what I'm currently running.

Incredibly tanky, strong, and sustainy.

Let me know what you think!
Very cool, although lots of different things can be done with DKs. Your commentary of "I don't know why you'd roll a DK" means you're only thinking of it as a tank.

I'm running a DK caster, and the aoe it can put out is stupid (but exchanges some squishiness). In the time it took you to kill a single mob, my DK would've killed a group of 5, and if I did it right, not taken any damage. Waltz in, elemental barrier, burning talons (aoe root + dot), fire breath a couple times, done. As many mobs as you can put in there, all dead. He could put up the armor spell just in case, too, and be overcharged on armor for 20 sec.

You showed a great trick on bosses, though, and thanks for that! I also use sword & board, and am going to try it out. Will test out the passive bashing talent, but I don't have any points in stamina so not sure how well it'll work.
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