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Originally Posted by Provision View Post
Thanks for your work !

(Can you check the last update ?)

Lua Code:
  1. ZO_CreateStringId("SI_TF_SETTING_CAMROTATION", "Camera rotation")
  2. ZO_CreateStringId("SI_TF_SETTING_CAMROTATION_TOOLTIP", "If enabled TeamFormation follows the camera angle.")
  4. ZO_CreateStringId("SI_TF_SETTING_PLAYERICON", "Players' appearance")
  5. ZO_CreateStringId("SI_TF_SETTING_PLAYERICON_TOOLTIP", "Changes the appearance of TeamFormation's icons.")
  6. ZO_CreateStringId("SI_TF_SETTING_YOURALPHA", "Transparency of the player arrow")
  7. ZO_CreateStringId("SI_TF_SETTING_YOURALPHA_TOOLTIP", "0 = Hidden\nChanges the transparency of the player arrow (blue arrow).")
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