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Hi Sylinus,

It's very strange there are no errors in the minion.log. I appreciate the video and all the info though!

I am wondering if the issue is in our AddOn detection since the log seems to stop in the middle of that.
- Stop/Close Minion
- Temporarily move or delete all the AddOn folders out of your C:\Users\<your windows username>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns folder so there is nothing in it.
- Start Minion again

If this works then I'd suggest its an AddOn from Curse causing this and if you could maybe zip up your AddOns and send them to me maybe I can reproduce the issue and possibly find out why Minion was choking? In the mean time I'd just use Minion to install all those AddOns you manually moved out of your AddOn folder.

Keep in mind that Curse is owned by twitch and has teams of people working on their app. We don't have that (all 9 of our sites are run by Cairenn & I and Minion is done by Jwood and I) and right now we are working on cleaning up Minion so we can open up the code to the community so they can submit PR's, etc.

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