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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
Maybe send the devs some money so they get more support instead of complaining over a free to use software "that rude"

btw: I had installed Minion without any screenshots and it was very intuitive and simple to setup imo ?
There is one dialog that asks for the games that I want to support, one dialog that askes for the location of ESO addons (if not found automatically) and afterwards it showed my manually installed addons and updated them properly with the "Update all" button.

If you got some problems you should:
-Check your firewall and allow minion
-Use the 32bit version if 64bit troubles somehow
-Update your antivirus rules and allow Minion
-Check if new bitlocker version is the problem to get connections
-Disable proxy for HTTP in Windows or setup Minion to use that proxy in the minion settings (button at top right corner of minion UU).
-Disable or check several threads about OneDrive and Windows 10 in this forum

Try to install and update the addons manually then, it's always possible:

I press my thumbs that it works for you. And don't forget to blame the addon devs for out of date addons later on
maybe you could press your brainmatter into reading everything then.

I've used both 64 and 32 bit versions and i'm pretty sure i've state that.

I don't use onedrive. microsoft bloatware is trash.

I won't give anybody money for somethign that doesn't work - do you ahve that kind of expendable income? if so, I've got student loans you can take care of.

the problems with manually installing addons are as follows:
- knowing exactly what the addon I'm looking for is called ( even though I generally have vague ideas of what I want, this requires me to know exactly what 7 billion people would ame these addons!)
- knowing the exact link to find and download them. (Again a problem with naming, and then link generation knowledge!)
- keeping them updated.

all thigns an addon manager is supposed to facilitate

i've checked my firewall, bitlocker and both seem to be fine. there was no request for an exception - but i made it anyhow.
i don't use proxy, and never have for something like this. my proxy use is relegated entirely to less acceptable things, like poking around torrent sites for example ( which i haven't done since 2008)

and for checking the several threads... several threads.. yeah, you're making a crapton of assumptions here buddy. who the fudge has time for wasting time like that? are you insane, or just not concious of people not wanting to spend time doing things that result in nothing?
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