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Oh yeah, I did only give hints and thought you could find out more on your own and maybe search this forums here for something like "minion ipv6", which was mentioned as solution in the linked thread

It's NOT about the Oxygen XML author but the error type:
It's a java error. Minion uses java as well.
Minion tries to use your network config to use ip version 6 to connect to the net. But it cannot connect properly. So you need to change the "prefered network java connection" from ipV6 to the older ip version 4, ipV4.

Try this thread (which was found via the forum search term "ipv6", after I've tried "ipv4")

Answer from Votan. And detailed info what to do:
1. Open cmd with administrator
2. enter this and press enter
setx _JAVA_OPTIONS -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true
This will, like described in the other thread about Oxygen XML author where the setting was changed in the program itsself, change the java settings of your windows to prefer ipV4.
You may need to restart your pc afterwards.

Hopefully this helps.
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