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ShadowDance Nightblade build (dual wield/bow)

Hey peeps, this will be a guide to the nightblade I am currently running.

My race is quite simple, I have chosen a Bosmer (now a Khajiit) for this class as it best tailors to the bow, but it makes sense as well as the Bosmer is quite small, which in turn will make it more stealthy (no benefit being small, it's just for aesthetics and the feel).

The Khajiit get a bonus to medium armour and health regeneration, they also make sense for the NB as they are more quiet due to being cat like creatures (again no benefit just for aesthetics and feel).

Now to the skills.

Weapon 1: Dual wielding daggers (for extra crit)

Nightblades have incredible burst and also have a lot of utility with them as well such as armour breaks and AoE damage-reduction effects.

When approaching an enemy, we use Shadowy Cloak, a rank-four morph of Shadow Cloak. This makes us invisible for 2.5 seconds and grants us 100% critical while we're cloaked, there is also a shadow passive which grants us armour and spell resistance for 4 seconds and usually reaches the overcharge state, so definitely choose this as it will add protection after the burst strike . Before making the initial burst strike, we hit the enemy with Surprise Attack, a rank-four morph of Veiled Attack, stunning it and reducing its armour by 40%. Now we are ready for the hit! Rapid Strikes will hit six times in a row in rapid succession with the last hit being four times as powerful as the first five. Also a side note during rapid strikes if you hold down the left mouse button, we can get an exploit on the enemy as rapid strikes ends and he will be on the last few seconds of his stun from a stealthed surprise attack, and due to the armour reduction we will do massive damage to him, If not kill him.

By adding Whirling Blades to our bar, we will have a powerful AoE and an attack that restores our stamina so that in theory we can keep spamming this ability forever. And we also have another amazing trick up our sleeve: Shadow Image. This sweet ability sends a shadow of the player to a targeted enemy, reducing the enemy's damage output as well as health. When we have finished off the enemy we are working on, we can pop that ability again and teleport to the shadow to finish off that one, too.

We will also have the ability Swallow soul, a rank-four morph of Strife, this deal magic damage and heal us for 30% of the damage done every two seconds for ten seconds, we will also receive 10% more healing while this ability is slotted.

Our ultimate is Soul Harvest which is a rank-four morph of Death stroke, which deal ? damage while reducing healing by ?. Damage increases as our ultimate charge increases up to 1000( this is the highest I have had it before). passively increases up ultimate recharge from successful kills while slotted. This ultimate only requires 50 ultimate and is extremely powerful, so it is a great addition.

You will have to choose between Shadow image and Swallow soul, I still need to test between these two but you can't use Shadow image until shadow level 38 I think, so choose Swallow soul first.

Weapon 2: Bow

We will have shadowy disguise on as well as surprise attack for close quarters stuns when the enemy gets too close.

We will be using Magnum shot a rank-four morph of Scatter shot and this skill is quite amazing for Crowd control, when an enemy gets close use this skill, it will knock the enemy back 6 meters, but what's even better is it will knock us back 6 meters as well so that is a 12 meter gap between us and the enemy, which is also out of range of magnum shot so if you have a constant stamina pool an enemy will never get close to us to do any damage.

The next skill we will have is Lethal arrow a rank-four morph of Snipe this skill will go well with Magnum shot as it applies 50% healing reduction and poison which will help in crowd control damage, it will also put pressure on any healers as they will be battling the poison damage and the reduction to healing.

Our ultimate is Veil of blades which is a rank-four morph of consuming darkness which does magic damage over time as well as snaring enemies in a 5 meter radius, also, allies take 30% less damage and we the caster get an additional 100% of this value in the area, so I think that will give us 130% damage resist, correct me if I'm wrong, allies in the area can activate the synergy skill slip away, which will grant them invisibility.

Attribute Allocation: 1 Magicka, 4 Health, 1 Stamina every six levels repeat this.

Overall this build will be hell for players and AI alike.

Hope this helps, any questions, please, just ask.

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