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Im a PVE player and still trying to figure out the best build to use. The build I currently run is this:

Questing or bosses with lots of adds:
1 - Funnel Health for the group heal as well as giving me 2 ult per attack in passive.
2 - Bombard for the CC and AoE damage
3 - Scorched Earth for the AoE damage
4 - Draining Shot to knock enemy's off healer or yourself
5 - Venom Arrow to interrupt casters at a distance and add a DoT
Ult - Soul Tether for AoE stun when we get over run
*Im thinking of replacing something with Power Extraction for more AoE damage not sure though.

I am still trying to figure out a single target DPS build since most of our skills are bugged. I read Mark target adds no extra damage ( hard to believe since the targets armor and spell res are -75% ) and haste doesnt work with the bow.

Build for single target bosses:
1 - Funnel Health
2 - Piercing Mark (if it works) for the -75% armor and reduced cost
3 - Scorched Earth for DoT if the target stands still on tank
4 - Venom Arrow for DoT
5 - No clue what to use still figuring it out
Ult - Soul Assault for single target damage (and using Funnel Health give ult fast)

I put 49 points into Health so healer isnt wasting time on me and my gear + food puts me at max stamina anyway.

Right now at VR 2 Im at about 280 DPS on single target and much more for adds. I run full medium armor right now but may put on 2 light armor piece for the passives in that tree. Anyone else have something similar or something to add please please reply. And keep in mind this is for PVE only.
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