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JP Fred
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TTM Error

I am trying to use TTM and keep getting this error.

EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/ZO_Options/ZO_SharedOptions.lua:60: attempt to index a nil value
stack traceback:
EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/ZO_Options/ZO_SharedOptions.lua:60: in function 'ZO_SharedOptions:InitializeControl'
EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/ZO_Options/Keyboard/ZO_Options_Keyboard.lua:66: in function 'ZO_KeyboardOptions:InitializeControl'
EsoUI/PregameAndIngame/ZO_Options/Keyboard/ZO_Options_Keyboard.lua:196: in function 'ZO_OptionsWindow_InitializeControl'
user:/AddOns/TamrielTime/lib/LibAddonMenu-1.0.lua:43: in function 'lam:AddHeader'
user:/AddOns/TamrielTime/TamrielTime.lua:181: in function 'Init'
EsoUI/Libraries/Globals/globalapi.lua:207: in function '(anonymous)'

Any ideas?

I must really be doing something wrong. I have never been able to get TTM to work.
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