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Followup. I just got Minion running in Linux on my gentoo system. So here is some info.

ICE does not work, fails with "Error: Could not find or load main class gg.minion.Minion"

OpenJDK was not tested. May not work as posted above.

Edit /etc/portage/package.use and add one line: "dev-java/oracle-jre-bin javafx gtk2 -gtk3" to it. Note that if "nsplugin" USE flag is set, there may be a conflict. "nsplugin" is not needed.

Fetch and download the oracle file jre-9.0.4_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz . Use bugmenot website to bypass the login screen.

emerge -av dev-java/oracle-jre-bin

Download and install Minion somewhere. I used the windows installer under wine trying to get to run on my system when the java version did not work.

On my system: cd to ~/.wine_Tamriel/drive_c/users/steam/Local Settings/Application Data/Minion/app

then "/opt/oracle-jre-bin-9.0.4/bin/java -jar Minion-jfx.jar" . Note that "java -jar" will not work as that will point to the default javavm, on my system, ICE. The oracle bin is not part of the eselect java picking system. So you have to manually point to it.

You will need to run it twice before it will pick up the addons and display them, obscure bugs that need fixed.
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