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Hey an update @Baertram

As noted in the edit of my post, it seems that one of the problems may have been that I was running [email protected] in the background, which is a VERY heavy duty CPU and GPU process (basically I'm helping scientists find potential antiretrovirals that might work against the coronavirus and work toward a vaccine by donating my processor cycles ) I think the massive load on my CPU and GPU meant that Minion actually couldn't allocate the resources to finish scans. It's still a little shaky, and I wish Minion didn't act so weird on reinstall, but it's working now. Alas, it'll have to stay on my C drive (the SSD), I think, but at the very least I'm still able to move my other games to the D drive (the HDD).

*edit* I have removed the duplicate ESOs. Everything working fine so far now. Have to finish some other install processes but will do another update once I have a chance to run ESO itself again.

*edit2* I guess since I'm on the subject, just because I really do think it's cool: if anyone reading this thread wants to also contribute to [email protected], go here: https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/

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