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Thank you, Baertram, for weighing in. A good weekend to the big guy!

- to the symlink suggestion: tried to make sense of it although unfamiliar with win multiple user accounts and symlink:
as the game, regardless of which windows user is active, checks all 'addon' and 'saved variables' files (by any win user account), to keep 'addon' and 'saved variables' folders apart, user by user, one would have to 'symlink' these folders for every win-acc in such a way that each win acc accesses a different set of 'addon' - 'saved variables' folders whenever the game is launched from that acc. [so, for example, somewhere separate from the live folder I keep 3 different sets of 'addon' and 'saved variables' each of which will individually be linked to one win-user-profile by manipulating said folders under 'live' via symlink
(not gonna do this but wanted to try to explicate the suggestion in this thread if unearthed)

- gonna do the painful 36 char individual configuration, because relogging and the transfer of the live folder to another rig will be easier: here's how it went so far: at first, disabling all addons in the character selection menu on all 3 accs. Then log in with a char - enable first addon 'Addon-Selector', reload. Activate the addons you want for the char - save pack via addon-selector - reload. For the next chars - same, but loading the previously saved addon-selector-pack makes it easy.
*Here's a caveat: the original problem was that activating addons via the Character Selection Addon menu will have ramifications for addon-activation on other accounts on the same system (see above: 'Default' line entry in addonsettings.txt). IF one default activates an addon this way for all chars on an eso-acc - the tickbox next to the addon will show a HOOK sign. - Now, if you individually activate an addon under each char's addon menu for an acc, there will ALSO be a HOOK sign next to this addon in the overall Char-Selection addon-menu. However, THIS Hook does not mean 'Default activation' but 'activated for all (individually)'. (Checked because on other accs activation hadn't changed). This can be confusing. Best then to ignore the Main addon-menu at all times EXCEPT when installing a new mod: The new mod will be default activated in the overall Addon-menu. So first thing to untick it there and then activate in on the char on which you want to use it (and save/overwrite the addon-selector pack you might be using for that char).
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