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Originally Posted by slimwaffle View Post
Yeah this is what I figured. Such an interesting company to deal with.
Super strict on the guys making it easier for people to play the game legit.
But do nothing to stop the real cheaters and exploiters.
I disagree completely with that. If they didn't do anything about cheaters and exploiters, the game would look completely different. They just don't make a big deal out of it when they remove them.
And super strict? Just because the one api you wanted to use is not open?
If you think about it, it should be pretty obvious why it's a bad idea to allow addons to send chat messages. How long do you think it would take for the first spam addons to show up after they open that api for everyone? How long until some addon trivializes combat mechanics in dungeons and trials? It may be true that some things can be used for making live easier for players, but when they can be abused to undermine the integrity of the game it should be obvious why they have to stay closed.

Also take a look around and read some of the posts. They open up apis so addon authors can use them and even add new ones based on community requests all the time. Show me one other game company of this size that works as closely with addon authors as ZOS?
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