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What Functions are for Guild Store Searching?

I've been looking at the list of all the functions that can be utilized and have put a handful of them to use, but am still having difficulties trying to figure out which ones are for interacting with the guild store. I see a lot for "Market" or "Kiosk" or "TradingHouse".

I love AwesomeGuildStore, but I also wouldn't mind having something light weight to just check for a single item. For example, you want to just look for Ta runes (for whatever reason). I have an xml set with buttons to run functions and the like, so I would like to just be able to be in a guild store, hit a button and have it execute a search for those runes.

Nothing fancy, more just I wanted to try my hand at LUA since not used it before. Any help would be appreciated in pointing me in the right way.

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