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Issue installing Minion

Installed Minoin, corrupted pretty much every single one of my addons. All of a sudden none of them were update and no longer worked. Is there something I am missing. Everything was updated and working fine, literally ALL of them. Soon as I installed Minion they were all out of date. Even when Minion "updated" them they are all red. Tried deleting them to let minion reinstall. All it did was put a bunch of empty of folders in place. There was nothing in them. So I manually reinstalled them, over an hour, and they worked until I ran Minion again and then they were out of date and nothing worked again. I've heard good things about letting Minion manage your addons but I have to say that my experience has been the absolute and total opposite. I've read the instructions and followed them. But I am now at 2.5 COMPLETELY FRUSTRATED hours trying to get my game into a playable state again entirely because of this programs behavior. Does anyone have any insight as to what might be my problem? Thanks!
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