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Still, Minion can't connect...

OK I tried ver.2.0.12a and same ol' prob. Minion can't connect to the Internet. Checked my Norton settings, Minion folders still excepted from "SONAR." Attached is the latest xml and log files, and screenshots of Minion working/not working. To the programmer:

I know it can be very difficult to debug programs (I have done so myself several times, and not just game mods). Lately "everyone" seems to think that everyone has good Internet without long latencies. My satellite latency is nearly a second, ping times vary from 800-1200ms. And only about 3% of the ppl on Internet have satellite Internet, so we are a minority, so many developers just ignore us and chalk it up to either a fluke, or just don't believe it (our problems) at all. It has been wonderful to be able to play ESO on my Internet connection. Anyway, we have problems that others don't, due to our long ping times.

Something has went awry since 2.0.8. I assume you are having trouble figuring out what went wrong, it might be something as simple as using a new Java SDK - the Java programmers might have forgot about us satellite Internet users when updating their code. Of course all this is just a guess, IDK. The facts remain: The older version works fine for me and anything newer doesn't. The results are repeatable. Therefore, there MUST be something wrong with the newer version, AFAIK.
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