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Hmm, there's one now!
I found out the "RAETIA information bar" is now called the "RAETIA info hub" and therefore looked at as a separate add-on by Minion. I would think a program like Minion should catch things like that. I installed (manually) the new ver in it's new folder name, all set W/"RAETIA info hub" now and Minion recognizes it.

As I said, there was no log file on the 1st run of Minion. However, when I changed the RAETIA stuff and re-ran Minion, there was a log file. You asked the contents with Minion open, so I saved both that log file and the subsequent log file with Minion closed. Since there was a log file on the 2nd run, I will forgo the directory listing you asked for.

Another thought: the programmer could ping the home server (or any other server known to be persistent and reliable) and just turn off the net check if all the pings returned were above say 300-500 or so. That would be the automatic fix, to still allow net checks. Here are the files.
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