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Originally Posted by Dolby View Post
I have no problems with using github (I use it for many projects), the only issue would be if ZOS didn't want to allow this. Like many people said its nice and easy to see a diff when using github instead of having to download a zip and run your own diff. We can check into how ZOS feels about this as I can't speak for them (they may just say nothing for legal reasons).

We also don't have to use IRC, If gitter.im (limit is 25 ppl for free) works better or heck even Slack/Discord (I believe have unlimited free users) we can certainly do that. We are here to help the community. So if some remote tools help you guys please do use them and if there is anyway we can help by setting up organizations, integration, etc let us know.

I do want to add github integration (really any remote git repo) to our packager. Also want to work on automated packaging where an author can add a hook for an api endpoint on esoui and it will generate a release for mods to approve.
Thank you very much Dolby, it's great to hear from you.

Yes I understand the ZOS position and that's why I went ahead and put the copyright notice in the repository. Also if they happen to say anything I'll comply with whatever their decision is.

Now I'm totally down for the GitHub hook integration, and I'm making myself available to help with it.

I wasn't aware of the user limit in Gitter, damn. My bad I should've check it first. Slack might be the best option after all.
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