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If you know the other addon's name add it to your addon's manifest txt file in the tag ##OptionalDependsOn: OtherAddonFolderName

It will asure that your addon is loaded AFTER the other addon has loaded and that you are able to access the other addons global variables properly. You can also wait for event_player_activated to be fired as it will be the same in the end (all addons have loaded by this time) then (but it fires several times, at each reloadui e.g. and maybe zone changes).

Do you know the other addon? If not you need to find it out by using e.g. /ZGOO mouse in teh chat (uisng the addon ZGOO) on the control you'd like to inspect.
Or just disable the other addons and enable them 1 afer another again.

Or use a tool like Notepadd++ and the "search in files" of the tool to find addons in your AddOns directory which use the keyword scene_manager or fragment or something like the stuff you are searching for.

To get the active fragments check SCENE_MANAGER.currentScene.fragments. It should be a table containing all fragments active at the time you check it.

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