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You need to manually install the dependencies of addons! Minion is not automatically installing them for you. But Minion is able to update them once you have installed them at least ONCE!
So I guess you did not download and install all the needed libs and dependencies properly then. Or you have not enabled the checkbox "Allow out of date addons" ingame in the addon manager?

Else: Read these troubleshooting lines and follow them please:

Some ideas (also on the troubleshooting list):
Create a screenshot ingame to see at the top right corner where the screenshot is saved to be sure you are choosing the correct addons folder within Minion later! Or search for the file AddOnSettings.txt on your harddrives and the one with the most up2date date and time should be in your live folder, where the correct "AddOns" folder is in.

I recommand closing ESO and Minion, then backup your SavedVariables folder, and rename the Minion.xml file so you are able to satrt over from the beginning.
Add minion to your antivirus and firewall whitelist/exclusion lists.
Add the documents/.../elder scrolls online/live folder to the whitelist/exclusion lists.
Download the 32bit version of Minion.
Install Minion to another directory, not the standard one (e.g. c:\Minion).
Start Minion with admin rights.
Do not enable WOW and ESO, only ESO, within MInion!
Click on the gear icon at the minion UI, top right corner, and set the scan depth to the maximum.

As you have chosen your ESO addons directory within Minion, Minion will search the addons and show if they can be updated.This could look like it failed, so wait up to 5 minutes then restart Minion and check if it's showing your addons then.

Everything else is installing the addons, while NOT RUNNING THE GAME, and test if the show up after that.
All Minion does is downloading the same zip files like you would download here at www.esoui.com and extracting them, removing old folders of the addons before.
If this fails it's either your antivirus or other tools/software on your computer blocking this, or Minion is not able to communicate with the server properly (we had this yesterday e.g. for ~2-3 hours).
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