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Originally Posted by Baertram View Post
Okay, thanks.

Try your luck with deleting the xml file, and remove the addon "GuildHallButton" as I had written above.
if this does not help I'm unsure what could be the case and you should start with this:

Close Minion, also check task manager and kill Minion.exe file
Delete the minion.log and .xml file.
Logout of the ESO game.
Remove ALL addons in your live/AddOns folder, move them somewhere else e.g. so you got the list of before installed ones.
Remove ALL files in your live/SavedVariables folder, move them somewhere else (to your backup folder as these files should be backuped regularly).
Start Minion without any addon in your live/AddOns folder.

Re-Setup Minion, and then install the addons and libraries again fresh via Minion.
If the last step does not work, without any addon installed, I'm lost. But so far I guess any addon you got installed messes up Minion and breaks it for you.
Maybe any XML file or txt file of the addon got some character in it which is not compatible with Minion.
Thanks. I'll try removing the GuildHallButton add-on. And if that doesn't work, I will try your nuclear option. I was hoping to not have to do that.

Some context regarding my add-ons...I haven't installed any new ones in over a year. But yeah, maybe a new add-on update or java update is breaking it.
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