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I know how many problems a program can make and how hard it is to make it work, although ain't the first priority of any programmer to make his program work on every computer? Of course, I am not blaming them for my problems with minion, but I really want to live in a world where if I ask for an assistence I get a reply from anyone who is responsible for their product in any form that'll eventually help me... considering you are the only good soul helping us here the devs don't even care for us, thus they are probably tired of programming / too lazy to make it work for everyone. Although what I want collides with what they want and it may seem too banal, but of course I am not a hypocrite and if I would be a dev, I would never allow anyone to think that my program is useless (By repairing / improving it), yet now I currently cannot say anything else as the program doesnt even run on my PC :-)

Although thanks for your support, I suppose this thread is closed... I gave up a long time ago.
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