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If Minion puts the addons into a folder which the game does not recognizes:

What folder does it put the addons in exactly? -> e.g. c:\users\orc\documents\elder scrolls online\live\AddOns
Where is the AddOnSettings.txt file located on your disk? -> e.g. c:\users\orc\documents\elder scrolls online\live\

Are those 2 folders in the same "base folder" (e.g. c:\users\orc\documents\elder scrolls online\live)?

If not:
Copy the addons from the Minion folder (after updating them with Minion) to the folder where the "AddOnSettings.txt" file is located -> Into the subfolder "AddOns".
Allow this folder in your Antivirus and Windows Defender + Firewall.

Maybe this works and is semi-manual than.
If not I'm not sure what is the problem and can only guess:

Some program restricts the ESO game to access the folder where the addons are in (normally something like c:\users\orc\documents\elder scrolls online\live\AddOns).
Or you got Microsoft OneDrive installed and activated and MS OneDrive has moved your complete
c:\users\orc\documents\ folder to OneDrive, so that ESO cannot access it anymore properly.
Open the onedrive folder and move the documents folder back to the original folder at c:\users\orc\documents again.

But attention: Your documents folder is than not monitored by OneDrive anymore and thus it will not be backuped in the MS OneDrive cloud anymore.
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