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I really want to say this, literally, cannot be true. But, sadly, Acer did the same thing to me a few years back with their "Mulitmedia Laptop". I'm going to suggest some things you probably already tried, just in case. Sometimes you get a tech help desk guy that thinks he knows more than he does. Did you ask to speak to a supervisor? Tell them you'll have to post on Facebook, Twitter, to warn people that buying Acer might save them a few bucks, but they'll be on their own if something goes wrong after the warranty. If they still can't come up with a solution, they suck, but there isn't much for you to do about it.

Is this a laptop? With a laptop I'm afraid your options are slim. There is a chance you can revert Windows 10 back to an earlier version that doesn't conflict with your BIOS. Honestly, that's what I would try first. You may have to pay for Win 10 Pro (AFTER you make sure the earlier version fixes things!), because you'll have to turn off updates, and the other flavors of Win 10 don't let you do that. Sadly your only other options are sell it and use the money for something new or just use it for simple tasks until it dies.

If it's a desktop you can fit a standard motherboard in, you could replace it. After seven years, you should be able to find a decent motherboard upgrade for less than $100, and a really nice one for $150 or so (US$). If you're willing to do some real work, you might be able to find one that you can use the same processor in, but it will probably cost just as much as a newer motherboard. A full upgrade - motherboard, processor, and memory, would cost you less than $500 if you don't go too crazy on the processor you want. Whatever you get, check that the power supply is big enough to handle it.

I always buy cheap on laptops - either a refurb, or clearance, or.. my current laptop is a Lenovo gamer that I got for almost half price on Craigslist - parents bought it to replace one their college kid had, then Lenovo ended up sending him one for free when they couldn't fix the old one. If you go that route, or any person-to-person deal... Verify, verify, verify. Ask them for proof of their identity and address and to sign a sales receipt. It won't stop real scammers, but it will keep the amateurs from taking your money and giving you crap. And never give a private person your credit card number or access to a bank account! Cash or a money card only. I don't even buy anything on eBay (or AliExpress, or...) over $50, but I'm poor and paranoid like that.

Hoping for the best for you.
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