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To search your correct addon folder:
Start ESO, login, change some ingame settings of the game, logut.
Search for UserSettings.txt with the actual date and time of change.
This folder's subfolder AddOns must be the folder to use for your addons!

And this folder (normall it's c:\users\..\documents\elder scrolls online\live\AddOns) also should be pointed to within Minion.

About Minion:
Deinstall Minion.
Search for any left over Minion.xml and Minion.log and rename/delete it!
Install 32bit version it to some other than the standard folder (c:\users\...\AppData), e.g. to c:\Minion.
Open Windows Defender/Your Antovirus tool anmd firewall tools and allow Minion.exe to connect to the internet and to use the folders where the AddOns are stored (e.g. c:\users\...\document\Elder Scrolls Online.
Start Minion as Administrator then.
Add an ESO game, point to the folder explained above.
At the top right of minion there is a settings icon (gear icon) which you should click and change the slider of the scan depth to maximum.
After adding the game it most of the time does not show anything inside Minion.
Wait 5 Minutes, then close Minion.
Start it again (as admin) and see if the addons are shown now.

If not check the Minion.log file if there are any "Access" or "Network" problems listed. Check your internet proxy settings (see e.g. google search how to do this).

If you check the log file you can find hundreds of entries of this addon:
They all say file not found so remove this addon and try if this fixes it already!

And your list also contains a lot of outdated addons from Wykkyd etc. You should definately remove them and use updated, working ones or at least remove the subfolders "/libs" in those old addons and install the needed libraries as standalone version, like a normal addon, so you do not get error messages ingame because of the old, hardcoded library calls.

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