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Do you close Minion after usage or leave it open all the day?
And with close I mean really close -> Not minimize to the system tray upon pressing the x button.
I'd once update my addons "manually" before starting to play, then close minion and close it completely.
No auto updates or whatever in the background.
Should resolve the problem of the multiple shown Minions.

About the reason: I don't really know and can only guesss that it hangs up and restarts itsself, or some antivirus or other tool on your computer is causing this. Never had this happening so far.
But without knowing what OS you are using, what software is installed this can only be a guess by anyone.
Did you check the Minion.log file if there are any information in like "terminated" or "crashed" or other reports where Minion seems to close because of whatever reason?
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