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Originally Posted by Phuein View Post
Cool. What do you mean by backend? The website for it?

And now it sounds a bit mysterious! Who did you pick it up from? How come they quit? This is a real internet mystery
The person working on it before (jwood) just doesn't have the time atm to work on it but was apart of Minion2 and 3. I did most of the jfx (UI), some light java and installer scripts along with backend api/server stuff. Sirinsidiator was awesome enough to volunteer his time and take on the java development of the up coming Minion 4.

Backend meaning the API minion talks to to get all the data it needs from our site, Code signing stuff, etc. I also plan to do some graphics work and UI work but Sirinsidiator has already stepped in on making some nice changes to the UI for v4. Also plan on working on build automation in the future.

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