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[Before creating a patch/copy/taking over abandoned addons]

If you want to take-over an abandoned addon/Before creating a patch/copy of addons
  1. Read the addon's comments if someone else of the community has posted a fix or a fixed version or another replacement for download, and use this instead
  2. If the addon dev uses GitGub repositories try to contact them that way, but do not just think that creating a fork allows you to release it as your/new addon, without asking for permission please!
  3. If not: Try to contact the author of the addon via private message, the addon's comment section or if a github link is given via the github repository -> bug report/feature request
    Maybe you will find the dev at the esoui addon dev chat
  4. If no answer was given for ~2-4 weeks you may ask for someone here at this forum to provide help/a fix
  5. If you personally want to take over the addon:
    Having multiple patches and versions of the same addon is just confusing the users and often creates new errors as ppl install several versions at the same time and files/folder will get corrupted via Minion e.g.
    So at best do not create a copy but maintain the original addon. If the old addon dev in charge gave you the approval you can be added to the team of the addon and keep on maintaining it.
  6. If you do not want to take over but create a patch:
    Check at the addon's "Other files" tab if the "Upload optional patch" or "Upload optional addon" buttons are enabled.
    Example of an addon providing these buttons:

    Use those to connect the original addon with your patch.
    Name the patch containing the original addon name first and then something like "Updated <game version>" or "Fixed <game version>" where <game version> should be the name of the current DLC/chapter e.g. "Blackwood" so one clearly sees where it was patched for.

    Ask the admins of (Dolby, Cairenn) via private message then to add you to the team and forward them the info of that other dev in charge.

    Do not create any copy and silently work on it, before having read the addon's licensing info first!
    Licensing is no fun and you can get into severe trouble, if you do not respect them. They are written laws and need to be followed as this.

    If the license tells you you are NOT allowed to copy or alter the code etc. Accept it and do not try to find a workaround.
    Plagiarism also involves intellectual crimes!
    Maybe ask the dev of the addon if he will add you to the team as described above.

    If the license tells you you are allowed to use the code, follow the licensing rules (and include the license in your fork/copy if the license tells you to do so) if you plan to create a fork/copy fo the addon. ALWAYS give proper credit to the addon(s) and developer(s) you have used as a base (even if it was only a mental/intellectual base, or you only had spyed the code to learn from, but have not included it 1:1. Give credit and be fair!).

If the addon devs had added a donation or fee to get special features added (e.g. images, texts, titles, names, ...) follow their rules of addition and do not add your own stuff and populateit without having talked with the dev, and having asked for permission!
If you publish addons build on other addons (patches, plugins) make sure you follow the rules and licenses of these addons!
Addons not following the rule, or trying to circumvent stuff that was build on purpose into the addons will be removed again, and depending on your reaction/behavior (before/after publishing the addon, in total) your ESOUI account maybe removed too.

Please also read this:

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