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Question New Nightblade


I have played ESO casually since beta. I have tried quite a few combinations. I have just made a Redguard Nightblade eventhough I know, the class has some issues. I have made this build as a note to self on how I want to play my NB and how I best support this playstyle.

I would appreciate if any of you with great knowledge about this class and its currently broken skills and abilities, would like to check it to see, if I have chosen anything that just doesn't currently work.

My Nightblade

A coulpe of notes. I only chose "Shadow Cloak" in order to get "Refreshing Shadows". I have read that it only works when Shadow skills are active, but I doesn't say so in game; there it looks like a universal buff. PassivesI'm interested in are just marked with a level 1. Crafting skills are just to help gathering materials for my characters that also craft. (There is something weird about the crafting skill points on this site. It all sums up to 30 skill points.)

I have also put in how many points I expect to have in magicka, health, and stamina and how I expect to distribute them. And also how I distribute my armor.

Thank you so much

So many corpses. So little time.
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