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How I play in The Elder Scrolls Online

I like RPG, but I like explore and discover the world myself.

Once I played a game where there would be no map, minimap and player position indicator. Then I was surprised how much deeper at the same time the impressions of the game world.

I thought it would be interesting to play TESO, but without this bustle on the prompts for quests and others. This spoils the impression of the world and quests.

I save map, but hide it, hide my position and all pens.
List of mods for me:
Hide map pins:
- Pin Killer
- Hide House Preview
- Hide city`s map pins
Hide my position:
- Hide Me 3
Explorer map:
- True Exploration
Alllow set my custom pins:
- Harven's Custom Map Pins
Hide compass with helps and set real compass:
- No Compass
- Real Compass
Fist person look:
- First Person Camera Lock
- Immersive Horse Riding
Save all text of books:
- Librarian Book Manager

Somebody say that this mods are for roleplay, somebody say that it is for hardcore,
I say that it is just world explorer list. And this list is for guys, who like world of TESO.
Look on my map
Thuse all pins-my custom pins with my desriptions.
I make all the discoveries myself
I read all texts of dialogs to know where is target of quest.
This all help me more feel the world of the game, and to make the quests more exciting

I you want play some game- welcome -use same list of mods.

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