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Following the story vs. just playing the game


Like many of you, I started this game, once again with the intent to "follow the story line". I did so, till level 18.
After this point, I lost my focus and kind of just played, clicked all quests away asap and received gold and XP.

I felt I had seen all quests types. Either, you have to save a town or some people, you have to enter a portal because some mighty ghost appeared before you, you have to resolve some kind of misunderstanding, or fight any interference from the dark cultists or any other evil Molag Bal follower.

In the end, I just want to "play a game". I want to enjoy eye-candy, I want to explore a world, to receive rewards, hack and slash, burn enemies, defeat powerful foes, get shiny new gear.

This is something that happens often, but frankly, when playing a game after a hard day's work, I want to PLAY and not "pay attention and focus to follow the story line".

In this aspect, Diablo for example is the reverse: the story is limited, the action endless, and so a new problem arises: hacking and slashing is kind of the ONLY thing you are doing.

Now, I would like to now how you feel about this. Is skipping the bigger part of the story line acceptable or do you think it is an absolute must? Yes, I feel guilty when skipping the dialogue but I also have difficulty listening to yet another ghost-with-troubles. :-)
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