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LF Addon that has chance of making your character talk

Hi there! I don't know what to call the type of addon this would be, yet I'm looking for something that you can set a % chance of making your character /say a certain phrase, sentence, etc when a certain event, entering combat for example, happens.

I've tried to do this sort of thing myself manually, yet the combat in ESO is counterintuitive to this unlike other MMOs which aren't as mobile and don't require constant manual targeting. Typing something in chat while fighting is doable, yet not terribly easy. I find I tend to be able to kill most things or groups before I get a chance to even type something simple out like "For the Flame!"

I've looked at every mod available in the RP section, not sure where else it may be. If such an addon is around I'd love to get a link to it if you've got one. It's a little thing, but it adds some enjoyment to my gaming to have my character randomly react via preset text to various events.

A similar addon in another game is SpeakinSpell for WoW which you can find on the curse forge, in case I didn't quite explain what I was after well enough that would give you a better idea.

Thank you for your time!
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