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Addon folder help

I evidently bunged up my nephew's ESO and minion installs or settings.

Minion is updating addons to C:\users\[name]\ESO Addons

We've run minion and they're all up to date in that folder.

We run ESO and it's loading addons into the game, but they are all out of date and the list of addons does not match what is currently in minion. We want to point minion to the folder ESO is using so it updates correctly in game. Our problem is, we can't find where ESO is pulling it FROM.

There was no folder named "Elder Scrolls Online" in his documents folder. (Win10, NA)

There is only one drive in the computer, no external devices connected, no cloud storage. I tried to do a search for the *.cooked file, thinking if we know where ESO was putting that, then that must be where the addons are, too. That would match where my files are. But we came up empty.

From my research, there's no ingame setting to tell ESO to look in a different folder, correct? I found posts using the windows OS to fool the game client to look at a different folds, but, as far as i can remember, i didn't do any of that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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C:\users\[name]\ESO Addons seems to be wrong.
Normally it will be:
C:\users\[name]\documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns

No, there is no setting to change the addons folder ingame, or anywhere else.


Use the official forum search, or search in this forum here, for "OneDrive" as well.
If you use Microsoft OneDrive and have moved the documents folder to it, ESO won't find it anymore.

Also you could just login to the game, make a screenshot via the keybind and check the uipper right corner of the screen: The folder where the screenshot is stored is mentioned, and 1 folder above (Parent folder) is the one where the "AddOns" folder should be.

You can also search for AddOnSettings.txt or UserSettings.txt with the windows file explorer and the file with the latest update date and time should be the folder where the AddOns folder is located for the game.

And all this info was posted here on the forum, recently just similar yesterday, in several threads.
Please use the forum search to get additionmal info, check the "Help" button at the top (forum's main menu) and check the sticky threads in the AddOn related forum subforums. Thank you and good luck

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