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Sanguine Sanguinary: a guild for fun people!

Sanguine Sanguinary started out as a private community for Sanguine beta testers to keep in contact and discuss the game between beta sessions. It was from this community that our guild was eventually established. Our guild has a heavy emphasis on having fun. Our goal is to be an active guild with a place for every type of Elder Scrolls fan.

Our members are social, friendly and helpful individuals who enjoy playing games with like minded people. Our members believe in helping our guild mates play the game the way THEY want to play it. We understand that everyone starts out new and we’ll do our best to help each other learn the ins and outs of the game without chastising anyone for having a different play style. Elitists need not apply!

We have several social tools available to our members. The website SanguineSanguinary.com features an Elder Scrolls and off topic message board. This message board also has a dedicated private section specifically for guild discussion, events, etc. We also have a 512 person Teamspeak for those of you that prefer voice chat over in-game text chat. Our founding members are active on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Raptr.

Guild members are encouraged, but not required, to participate in guild activities to be scheduled after the launch of Elder Scrolls Online. No one is required to participate in any particular activity. However members who never participate in guild activities, and have no contact with guild officers, will be re-evaluated as members of the guild. We will be an Ebonheart Pact guild based on the US server only, although we may expand to the EU server in the future.

Our guild is not defined as strictly PVE or PVP focused, we have an interest in every aspect of the game. Because of this our guild will have a wide variety of guild activities and events to appeal to all types of adventurers. Currently we have a variety activities planned for after the game launches. These activities include things like skyshard hunts, dungeon runs, Cyrodiil groups for both questing and PVP, adventure zones, and more!

If you enjoy being part of an active social group and want to experience everything that The Elder Scrolls Online has to offer, than you might just fit right into our fold. We’d love to have you join us in our future adventures, whatever those might end up being. Thanks for taking time out of your day to give our guild a chance! If interested please reply directly to this thread, through pm or just register on our website at http://sanguinesanguinary.com/

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