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Minion won't restore from backup.

I did a backup of my 8 ESO Tamriel addons, which gave no error, and that backup appears in the list of both backups, and as a file to restore. I select that restore file and it turns red. But when I click restore, nothing happens. Well, the button turns grey until my mouse moves off of it, but no response is given.
This is Minion 3.0.5 on Win 10, ESO is latest version form Zenimax.
Restarting Minion as Administrator doesn't help.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>








<position y="325.3333435058594" x="638.0" width="1364.0" height="726.0"/>








-<game-configs never-ask-about-scanning="true">

<game-config scannable="false" game-id="WOW"/>

<game-config scannable="true" game-id="ESO"/>


<drive-configs never-ask-about-scanning="true"/>


-<game game-id="ESO" unique-game-id="ESO-1" last-auto-update="March 31, 2017 11:58AM" display-name="Elder Scrolls Online" auto-update="true" addon-path="QzpcVXNlcnNcS2lkc1xEb2N1bWVudHNcRWxkZXIgU2Nyb2xscyBPbmxpbmVcbGl2ZVxBZGRPbnM=">


<addon title="SkyShards" version="5.1" date="02.12.2017 3:39PM"/>

<addon title="Lost Treasure" version="4.25" date="03.02.2017 7:22PM"/>

<addon title="Shissu's LUA Memory" version="" date="03.03.2017 3:43PM"/>

<addon title="Shissu's LUA Memory" version="" date="03.12.2017 3:08PM"/>

<addon title="Shissu's LUA Memory" version="" date="03.22.2017 9:42PM"/>

<addon title="Lui Extended" version="5.03" date="03.31.2017 11:58AM"/>

<addon title="Crafting Preview (Armor)" version="1.4" date="03.31.2017 11:58AM"/>


<addons> </addons>


<last-data-refresh>March 31, 2017 12:20PM</last-data-refresh>



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